About me

Photograph taken by Richard Boll http://www.richardbollphotography.com/

How I became a Florist

Usually you will find me with a cup of tea in my hand, in a mug that says "living the dream". My Mum has always said to me that you should follow your dreams and never regret anything. Which is advice I have listened too every single day of my life even before I started being a Florist.

I have a confession to make and that it is I completely fell into being a florist by chance. Six years ago I really needed to do something for myself. The realisation that I didn't have a hobby and needed some time away from my Fashion Career. With that decided I searched for beginners courses in Floristry and found The Sussex Flower School. Being completely in awe and addicted to being surrounded by fresh flowers within the first hour is a massive understatement. I completed more and more courses at the flower school and all of a sudden my dream was to do this full time. I knew it would take alot of hard work but I had to give this my all and build a business. So making people happy with flowers in any aspect was my goal.

As a returning customer, I am more than happy to recommend Rebecca, she always delivers more than expected beautiful flowers creatively crafted and presented. John Dunkling

My previous job was Quality Control in the Fashion sector. This has enabled me to ensure my business runs to the highest quality. Colour, dynamics, texture, quality and also diversity of flowers is always at the forefront of all my designs.

The dream is to create flower arrangements for people at an affordable price. Beautiful designs that will be a gift or an expression of appreciation, tokens of love in the beginning of a persons journey or the end of one. Simply just flowers for every day to brighten someones room, life and bring a smile to their faces.

I would love to hear from you for any occasion and help to create something you and others will love. Get in touch and we can have a "brew" together sometime.